Let go and surrender it to God



Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes, you yourselves may be the very hindrance that is preventing the blessings of the Lord to come upon you? Yes, that’s true, sometimes we are the ones who are preventing God from blessing us…

How so, you may ask. Well, let me share with you what I mean…

Let’s imagine you have something in your hands. And when you do, your hands would naturally be in a clasp position. What do you have to do if you want to receive something bigger that God is giving you? Common sense tells us that, we would have to open up our hands to let it go before we can receive the greater things of the Lord.

But sometimes, that is our problem. We don’t want to let go of the things that we are holding on to and that’s why God cannot bless us… God is not able to bless us because our hands are full, and we cannot receive any more unless we open our hands and let go. We must be willing to empty everything and lay them at the foot of His cross.

That’s why whenever we receive prayers, the posture that we always have is to open up both hands, palm facing upwards to the Lord. This is a posture of both receiving and surrendering, we are telling God that we want to receive from Him and yet at the same time we are willing to surrender whatever He ask of us.

God is a gentleman who will not force His way into us, if we refuse to give in… He will not try to pry your hands open, if we refuse to do so, but He will always gently pursue us with His love until we ourselves are willing to submit and surrender it to Him.

Is there anything that you’re holding on to that God is telling to you let go? May the love of God gently pursue us so that we are willing to surrender it all to Him, and see that what He is about to give us is not greater than what we used to be holding on to.

Oh Lord, I thank you that You desire to bless me, but I confess that unless I let go of what I’ve been holding on to, I’m not able to receive the greater blessing You are waiting to pour out on my life. Father, I ask for Your grace and the willingness on my part to surrender what You are asking of me. Forgive me of my unwillingness to submit and surrender and help my unbelief. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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