Thy name is power

Fallen by the way side and through the cracks I’ve slipped
Tears have blurred my vision
Entrapped by the devil’s lie,
How foolish am I to be tricked

I have since lost my way
And the sight of who I am
Until His light shone through
My eyes have finally been opened and now I see

Lord I need You to come to rescue me
I know Your word is true
Give me the strength and faith to trust in You

Great is thy power to heal
And to deliver me from my fears
You’re my safe refuge and hiding place

For thy love is greater than my pain
Thy mercy greater than my shame
Thou art forever faithful
Holy and worthy is Your name

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High


Peace for my soul

My restless soul, wrestled with yet another sleepless night
As I stayed up in bed, heaving a heavy sigh
I stared into the heavens, struggling to say a prayer
Wondering to myself if anyone is really there

All night long, my one soul desire
Is to find the peace and rest I long
I searched in my heart
But could never figure out what’s wrong

Then in the solitude and the quietness of the dark
A sudden whisper of a still small voice I hear
A gentle tug in my spirit begins to stir silencing every fear
There a glimmer of hope and than I knew someone hears

Be still, and quiet now my Child
And know that I’m the Lord Your God
Peace be with you as you know that I’m right here
My soul is now settled for that’s all I need to hear

Serving with you in His kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King