Demon Possessed vs Demon Influenced

Reflections –

A short study on Demon Possessed vs Demon Influenced

Question – Can a Christian be demon possessed?

My suggestion is that a Christian can be demon influenced but not demon possessed. We cannot be demon possessed because we belong to Christ not Satan. Noticed the difference is in the word influenced and possessed.

The idea of being demon possessed is that Satan has power and full reign and control over one’s life. Satan can only have full reign over those who belong to him (those who have not given their lives to Jesus Christ). Being demon possessed is the same as being under the lordship/ownership of Satan. A true Christian belonging to Jesus cannot be possessed by Satan but we certain can be under demonic influenced and become demonise as a result of that. When a Christian is under the influence of Satan it is akin to a puppet being manipulated by its puppeteer, they are being controlled by the evil spirit but it doesn’t mean that they have been “possessed” by it.

A Christian can be demonised (to a certain level) because of sin or because of anger/bitterness/forgiveness or involvement in the occult practice which gives room and access to the devil into your life. A demonised Christian is not able to mouth the words “Jesus is Lord”. “No one can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit” (2 Corinthians 12:3), it would therefore reveal that we are controlled by Satan and his demon and not by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore it can be concluded, that a person cannot be influenced/possessed by the devil unless one allows them access and permission to do so. Yet because if a person doesn’t belong to Jesus, Satan has every right and access into their lives because they are still carrying the “sinful nature” in them and have not appropriated the cleansing and the forgiveness of ones sins through their confession and acceptance of the work of Jesus on the cross and have not received the seal of the Holy Spirit. In a case of a Christian it can only occur to the extent of how much they allow themselves to be influenced.

“Affliction”, “oppression”, “bondage” and “stronghold’ are words to describe demonization to a lesser extent. This is much more common and it implies vary degrees of demonic influence in certain areas in the person’s life. This is can be likened to a military invasion of a city – even while the friendly forces occupy and control the city, isolated areas can remain under enemy denomination.

The way out –

The only way out is through renunciation and confession of sin of the person under influence, by physically casting it out in the name of Jesus and also through the prayers and worship of the saints. Since the demon cannot stand in the presence of the Lord, they would have to flee during worship when the Lord’s spirit is present.

Written by Michelle Yee

(Study adapted from Seminar on “Healing by John Wimber”)

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;

Princess Michelle –

Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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