Tears in thy bottle

Tears in thy bottle

Put my tears in thy bottle, are they not all known to You
Oh sovereign Lord, my heart will rest in Your love and in Your truth
Every tear I cried, You have seen and heard, and I l know one day You’ll wipe them dry
For the many pains I go through and often wondered why
Yet Your love is greater than my pains, though Your plans I cannnot comprehend
I know my sufferings are only temporary, and will one day come to end
In suffering, we often see the reverse side of the tapestry
Seeing colours that don’t seem to blend and patterns that don’t make much sense
But at the end of life, we will finally realise and see God’s ultimate purpose and plans
What is unclear to us now will  be revealed to us in the final days
We will declare God’s sovereignty and thank Him for His goodness for always
For Thou has known and planned my days from the start of eternity
You have been faithful from the start and You will always be
Lord You know us best and Your love cannot fail
Therefore to You I surrender to Your will
For all my tears are known to You
My heart can rest in Your love and truth

Written by Michelle Yee

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most King


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