You know best

Rising to my feet to praise
Falling on my knees to pray
Everything I have, I lay before You
Trusting in Your word, knowing they are true

Every fear, every tear, every dream, every song that I sing
Lord I’m learning to trust You and let go of everything
You promised to deliver, You promised to heal
You promised to keep Your covenant, and You always will

Lord You are sovereign and above all
You pick me up every time I fall
Not a single tear is wasted, nor a single cry unheard
You understand my sorrow and You feel my hurt

On my knees Lord, have I prayed
But now I shall arise again to my feet to praise
I choose to rejoice and be grateful for all that I have
I thank You Lord, because You know what is best

Written by Michelle Yee

Serving with you in His kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King