Treasures in the darkness

Treasures in the darkness

My mind is cluttered with questions
My heart is gripped with fear
My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow
My eyes are filled with tears

Darkness overwhelms me
And lies are all I hear
I cried to out my redeemer
Oh my Lord please draw near

Shine thy light on my path O Lord
And enable me to see
There is still a glimpse hope
In the midst of all of these

You taught me through my pain
You walked me through the rain
You helped me see the light
That you’ll give me victory in my fight

For every battle fought there is a lesson learn
God’s grace is there to meet me at every turn
Through the darkness of life, God’s love shines
Bringing back hope to this broken heart of mine

Your word brings sweet comfort to this broken heart
To my wounded soul, it is a healing hug
To restore me to the way I was meant to be
May God’s grace and mercy be upon me

Treasures in the darkness I will find
God’s word sheds the light to this darkened soul of mine

Written by Michelle Yee

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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