Reflection on Healing

Reflections By Michelle Yee

Healing is something that everyone will go through in one point or another of their lives. There are many different types of healing such as physical, emotional and spiritual. Some types of healing can be immediate while others take a longer time before total healing is achieved. The Bible gave us many examples of sick people being immediately healed. In the 4 Gospels, we see that every person who has been touched by Jesus got healed.

From the Gospel of Matthew:

The healing of leaper: 8:2-3
The healing of Peter’s mother in law: 8:14-15
The healing of the paralytic: 9:2-3
Other accounts of healing: 9:18-33

From the Gospel of Mark:

Multitudes Healed: 1:29-45
The healing of the paralytic: 2:1-13
The Gerasene Demoniac: 5:1-13
Other accounts of healing: 5:21-43

From the Gospel of Luke:

Many are healed: 4:38-44
Healing of the leaper and the paralytic: 5:12-26
Healing of the demonic: 8:26-39

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