The Perfect Father

Poem for Father’s Day

Reflections By Michelle Yee

A little child, lost and no where to go
Wondering around helpless, hungry and cold
A stranger met him one fine day
And to the little boy, this is what he said

Come along my dear child, come along with me
Let me take you to a place, where there is something to eat
So to his home, the man led the little boy
And to his surprise, the man gave him a toy

A bowl of hot soup in a tray was being served
And that left the boy crying, for he has never felt so loved
The boy looked at the man, with tears in his eyes
The man look back at him, smiled and asked why

The boy told a sad story that broke the man’s heart
He shared; my parents abandoned me when their marriage fell apart
Now I have no one to love me, no…

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