“Fishing” for true love

Has it occurred to anyone that finding a soul mate is like fishing? I’ve thought of it before.. Let us take a look at the basic equipment needed for fishing.

(1) You need a fishing rod
(2) a bait
(3) a fishing boat
(4) a map
(5) the sea
(6) patience
(7) the fish and last but not least
(8) the box that contains your catch.

Once all these are in place, you’re ready to go fishing. Does that apply to finding a partner too? I believe it does. Lets’ look at the “equipment” needed for dating. (1) You need to have goal in mind (What are you looking for?), that’s your fishing rod. (2) Your bait – We need good character, pleasant appearance (maybe), the point of attraction, basically. (3) Boat? Yeah, that’s the direction you’re taking. (4) A map – You can’t go dating without a plan. (5) The sea – That’s the place where you’ll find your catch (6) Patience – that applies for almost everything (7) The fishes – Duh, that’s obvious. And last, (8) The box where you keep your catch – That’s part of retention. Once you believe, you’ve got your catch, make sure you keep it safe and don’t let him escape from you.

Sounds easy? Yeah, but why do people fail so badly? Take me for example. I think I’ve got all the above criteria, but why did I fail, what did I lack? Well, I’ll share with you the mistake I made, and PLEASE DON’T EVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID!!!

Common mistake 1 – No fishing rod. If you have no rod to begin with (you have basically no idea what you are looking for). You are not going to be able to start your journey at all. You need to know what you want and start planning.

Common mistake 2 – Wrong equipment and bait used – What do fishes like? Worms right? So, use the appropriate tool for the job. Understand that different fish is attracted to different baits and fishing hooks. Find out what your “ideal fish” is attracted to, use that to attract him to yourself. Try putting a “rotting fish” on the rod and see what you get. A devastating result! You’ll scare all the fishes away. It’s also about the technic of fishing. (How do you carry yourself in a relationship?)

Common mistake 3 – Wrong sea – Looking for love at the wrong places. Eg, You’re looking for salmon, so go to where salmon gathers. Don’t expect to find salmon in the Great Barrier Reef, where most probably all you get is corals. Perhaps you might want to move to another fishing spot.

Common mistake 4 – Wrong type of fish – That’s a link to point # 3. If you’re looking for love at all the wrong places, don’t expect the right guy to come. Discretion is important too. Scrutinise your fish before you catch it. It wouldn’t harm you getting a 2nd opinion, so get a fishing partner. Get a close and trust worthy friend to come along with you. If your fish is rotten, your friend may be able to advice you before you make a mistake and you’d better reject it before you get a tummy upset if you consume it. That’s even worse.

Common mistake 5 – Lack of patience. That’s link to point #4. If out of anxiety, you pick any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes, you may regret it when you found out he’s not the right one, because you did not spend enough time understanding him.

Common mistake 6 – No boat/map. If you are not actively going out to sea to fish, you’ll probably won’t find one at all by just sitting there at home and watching TV. If you haven’t got boat, go borrow or rent one. The map is your plan, you need to plan how to go to your fishing spot. You might end up at a different stop, or take a detour half way, but still you will need a map in case you get lost and want to find your way back to dry land. The thing is to be active not passive. This is also closely linked to the first point at the beginning of the fishing journey – Having a fishing rod to start with, otherwise you will be totally clueless and ill-equipped for the journey.

These are commons mistakes, of which many I have made, though not all, but some. Still, it’s bad enough. As a result, not only did I not catch any fish (or got the wrong fish), I got hurt in the process as well. I eventually gave up fishing for good, I threw away my rod, forsook the bait, destroyed the boat with the map, I avoided the sea and I hated fish. I was miserable but at least I’ve learnt my lesson. There is also one point to note here… You will not always be successful at getting your fish. Some times you will have to keep trying, and you will have to be really patient before you get a good catch. Some times it is about the timing, you might have all the necessary equipment in place and you are at the right spot, all you have to do is to be really patient. Once you got your catch, try your best keep it alive by putting it in your fishing box (have one ready in your boat and please fill it with water). You need to keep your fish alive if you want to enjoy it long it can survive.

I might have failed miserably and made all the wrong mistakes. Still, it’s not yet the end of the world, I’m even starting to read books about dating too. I recommend a few – “God is a matchmaker” By Derek Prince, “When God writes your love story” By Eric & Leslie Ludy & “Finding Mr. Right” By Stephen Arterburn & Dr. Meg J. Rinck. You may want to start picking up dating skills from the experts. Look at people with successful marriages and relationship, find out their secret to success, learn from them. The best person to ask, probably, will be your mom. I am by no means a dating expert, but I’m just sharing from experience the mistakes I’ve seen people making, including myself.

Right now, I’m not fishing, I’ve decided to take a break for a while. I just wanna wait and relax on the shore. Just enjoy the sun and the sand. Am I not hungry, you may ask me. Well, yeah of course I am, I’m just not desperate that’s all.

Besides, I don’t think I will die without a fish… While, I may not be fishing for now, I still encourage all of you out there to go on, out there at sea. Don’t give up, take your time and enjoy the process. There’s so many fishes out there in the BIG OCEAN, I’m sure yours is just somewhere out there waiting for you. But while you’re at it, please… do leave some behind for me to catch too. Having said all these, though I won’t be “fishing” for a while, I will still be on a lookout for my ideal fish. I still believe however, that mine will come for me someday, I just have to be patient and continue seeking it.

Well, I’ve got to say bye for now. I’ll catch up with you guys soon!!!

God bless you!

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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