Singleness vs Single-mindedness

We all acknowledge the fact that we as Christians worship a living God who creates this world we live in. He creates the atmosphere, the people, and everything we see and know of. Psalm 19: 1 says “The heavens are telling of the glory of God, and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” God is also the creator of marriages. He instituted the 1st marriage ceremony in the Old Testament, in the book of Genesis, when He presented Eve to Adam. We worship a Creator God. And we all do know for the fact that God created man because He desires a relationship with us. He also desires His people to be in communion with one other, that’s why He created marriage in the first place.

We were called to live in a community and no man is an island. We are all called to live interdependent with each other and there should not be such thing as independent or solo Christians. (Those who live independently from the fellowship of other Christians) These are the people who chose to live their Christian life in solitude, not willing to commune or fellowship with other believers…. We have to be honest that that are people who are like that. This is often one of the most common reasons why there are church splits, and believers that refuse to go back to church. Human beings are just human beings. The only possible reason is because the relationship between humans are just being soured and just not right, and that’s why you hear about divorce rate going up.

These are things we often hear about. Now let us put these thoughts aside for a moment, and let us discuss about singleness. Unlike some others, who have been through rough relationships, there are people who have never been in one. We respect that there are some who chose not to be in one, but there are those who wants to have that relationship but just never got the chance. I read a book once entitled, “When God writes your love story”. For me as a songwriter (wanabee), I’ve always thought that a more appropriate title for my own love life should be “When God writes my love song”.

You see, I’ve always been interested in music since I was a kid. I love making them, I love listening to them and I love to sing them. Growing up, I learnt to enjoy songs by Bee Gees, Lobo, Carpenters and Abba that my parents usually listen to. It was due to this exposure, that I became very fond of old, classical romantic love songs. Later in my teenage life, I was introduced to modern love songs by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and various boy bands. I started to appreciate romantic songs even more when I began listening to these love ballets and duets. It seems that I would have an instant liking for them. I just love music but I have been singing a solo tune throughout my life. I often wondered what kind of love song God would write for me. If I gave Him my pen, I wanted to know and I badly desire that He would write a beautiful love duet for me.

Time goes by, and I’m starting to get disillusioned as my leading male singer has yet to appear, after years of patiently waiting. I began to start complaining, and often find myself telling God that I’m tired of singing solo. I wanted to write and I desired to sing a duet like I’ve never experienced before. I told that to God many times, and often His reply to me was, “My Child, you are not yet ready for a duet.” I knew all along these years that God has called me to a life of living single mindedness for Him. I knew it through a conversation I had with Him years earlier….

My friend who is a single male pastor in his 40s once asked me this intriguing question. He said, “What will you do, if one day you found that God says to you that you are to remain single all your life?” This question has led me back to Jesus, as I started pondering about what God desires for me in my life. That’s when I heard God said this to me,” My Child, I will set you apart to live singly for Me, and you shall keep your body and heart pure and single minded for Me and My works in the Kingdom.” This was God’s word to me. Some years later, as I was taking a spiritual gift test, the results of the test, confirmed what God had spoken to me years ago. I found out that I actually had the gift of Celibacy.

This however, has got me to start wondering if my calling to live single minded for God is the same as Him wanting me to remain single and not to get married. As I looked at the past events of my life, and recalled the kind of lifestyle I’ve had and the kinds of activities I’ve been engaging myself in and also the kind of progress I’ve made in my social life, I see God’s fingerprints everywhere. I see God’s words and His confirmation of His calling for me becoming clearer. Yet ironically, I still question whether a not I’m walking in His will and ask Him repeatedly what He expects of me, when He has already clearly shown it to me. However, the main question still remains. I still want to know if God will eventually write a love duet for me. I still didn’t understand if living single mindedly for Him, means the same as staying single. In my quest to search for this answer, I find myself continuously drawn back to the Lord Jesus Himself who is the giver of True Love. Though, for now I will never be able to know how my love song will eventually sound like, I’ve decided that I shall just let myself flow freely along the river of His loving arms and enjoy the ride along the waves while allowing and trusting Him the pen to compose the beautiful love song He has for me.

What kind of love song or story is God writing in your life right now? Are you willing to give him the pen to write it or will you struggle with Him to write your own? Trust God, He knows what’s best for us, after all He is the one who created us!
God bless you!

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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