Dreams can come true (Part 2)

Dreams can come true

Testimony Part 2

Everyone has dreams, I’m sure of that. It may be big ones, small ones, sweet ones or even terrible ones. Whatever dreams you have, I’m sure each of you has got a dream that you desire to see it come to past. I too, have many dreams.

My childhood ambition was to be a teacher. I thank God that I am living out my childhood dream. Having been in the wrong field and have had many years of unhappy working, by God’s grace I made a sudden switch of industry with the suggestion of my parents.

I have always wanted to be a teacher, but over the years I forgot about my dreams. It was only when my mom suggested and asked if I wanted to try out as being an assistant teacher in a childcare centre and after being in the field for a period of time that I suddenly remembered my childhood dream. It was not as rosy and easy as I thought, but I knew I wanted it and therefore no matter how upset I can be with the children, I still manage to endure and push myself to work every day. With God’s grace and strength, it was easier. I still get upset with the kids and scold them every now and then whenever they misbehave, but at the same time I feel a great sense of achievement when they learn what I’ve taught them and see how much they improve as the days go by. Working towards my dream is not easy, but I’m getting there slowly. At the point of writing, I’m taking up a 2 years part time course which is in relation to my job. This will help me to be relevant in my job and also be trained to become better in my job.

I also have another dream. I hope to be a singer/songwriter/worship leader like Don Moen and Lenny LeBlanc (my heroes and biggest inspiration in the Christian music scene. I often pray for them and also write personally to them sometimes to encourage them in their ministry. I have often prayed to God that He will bless both Don Moen and Lenny LeBlanc and I also asked them one day to bless me with the same amount of ministerial blessing that I asked God to bless them with.

During a Christian conference many years ago, when Pastor was talking about the youth being the next generation of leaders, God told me that I would be the next “big thing” after Don Moen. I was in doubt – I didn’t think it could happen. I cannot play the piano well enough to be like him, I cannot sing that well, I cannot write as well as him and worse still, I have stage fright. Slowly, my mind changed over a period of time. I still cannot play the piano like Don but I was beginning to see it happening in a different light.  Don Moen is one man whom I admire greatly, Don Moen a big name in the Christian music industry and he has a big and successful ministry with millions of fans going after him. I may not have that, but in my own gifting and ministry, I’m shining where God has placed me.   I am not a Pastor or a leader I’m just a lay person, I may not have a big time ministry like Mr Billy Graham or Don Moen or Lenny LeBlanc, I am not even trained in a seminary school. I am not a qualified or trained preacher, I am just an ordinary woman with a broken past, willing and available to be used by God to serve His people.

Sometime later, I happen to stumble upon a forum which is a platform for me to share my poetry and that was the starting point for me… I may not have millions of fans going after me like my favourite Christian stars but I do have many people encouraging me and giving me positive feedbacks. I have people telling me how much they have been blessed, encouraged and inspired by my works and they want more of it. Many have affirmed my gifting in writing and some have started to suggest that I write a book. My success comes when I started to have people “promoting” and sharing my works with others. This itself would be considered as my ministry.

Years before I had this suggestion to write my first book, a friend asked if I’ve thought of being an author since I was good at writing but at that time I have not really thought of being an author yet.  I have always admired writers like Max Lucado and Stormie Omartian, I’ve read their books and I love them. I would love to share my experience in Christ with the rest of the world, some happy events, some sad ones, I’m sure there will be people out there who will relate to my stories, but I have never thought that I would write my own book. Now many years later, someone else brought that up again and I’m now starting to write my first book…

Despite all these successes, I have to constantly remind myself to be humble because I know that my success comes from God. I give Him all the glory for all He has done and is continuing to do with me and through me. My gifts are given by Him, therefore I’m only using it to honor Him by serving the community around me God to touch others.

What are you dreaming of today?

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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