Dreams can come true (Part 1)

My motto: To be a blessing to others in order to bring glory to God.

The testimony (Part one)

I was reading an old email I sent to a friend (Don Moen) about my sharing with him of God’s calling in my life…. Looking back, I can see that God was fulfilling His prophetic word to me from five years ago and till now He is still at work.

Over the years I also prayed and re committed myself to God praying that He will use my life and all that I have gone through to bring glory to Himself. I also asked that all my past experiences would be a channel that the Lord will use to allow me to minster to others… Some of those words have already been fulfilled but I believe I am still on it and there be more of these to come….. Those words of prophecy spoken on me by my leaders and pastors are still in the midst of being fulfilled in my life…

Over the years, I have actually forgotten about them but by God’s mercy and grace I unknowing prayed those same prayers over myself and then later realized it was part of the prophecy spoken onto me years ago.  It is my desire to be able to serve and bless the family of God.  On the morning of Friday, 3rd Oct 2008 the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the armor of God, the Lord said that He was going to prepare and call me for battle. For that I reason, I had to ensure I was properly attired and that I had to be on standby. I have known and felt all along in my spirit that I was a fighter, but I had no idea what that meant or the significant and the impact it would have on my ministry.

That evening, I went for my cell group meeting and I received the Lord’s affirmation of my calling through my leader. She said that God has called me to be a warrior and that He will lead me into battles but I will go from victory to victory and she also mentioned the armor of God. I was like, “Wow! Thank you for affirming the words You gave me this morning, through my leader.”  Later on she went on to further bless me that I was going to be able to influence and impact lives by blessing and bringing joy and encouragement with a word for every season.

Having said all these, I feel excited about the ministry I feel the Lord has given and is about to give me. I feel like I was already doing what I’ve been anointed to do. My greatest desire is to a blessing to others, by being able to encourage them, minister to them and bring joy to them. I’m sensing I’m already achieving that through the sharing of my poems and my songs. I’ve been receiving feedbacks and encouragements and confirmation from people about how my sharing has blessed, encouraged and ministered to them.

Part of my prayer was that I would be blessed with the same ministerial blessings I have been praying for (Don Moen and Lenny LeBlanc). I am seeing it happening now when encouragements come flooding in for me, telling me how much they are blessed, encouraged and inspired by my work and want more of them, and to the extent that some have even started “promoting” and sharing my works to others.

The power of prayer – don’t doubt it… It works.  And dreams do come true too, if you believe and have hope in God. One of my favourite Bible character is Joseph the dreamer. (Genesis 37 to 50)  I admire him because I have big dreams like him. But like Joseph, His past was a mess too. His brothers were jealous of him because he was the father’s favourite child. And they were even more upset with him when Joseph told his brothers about the “big dream that he had.” So they sold him to the Egyptian, stole his coat and tore it and pretended that Joseph got killed by a wild beast and brought the coat back to the father who believed them and morn for Joseph who was actually still well and alive elsewhere.

When Joseph was serving in the Egyptian court, he didn’t have an easy life too. He had great success in the initial stage but later got framed by the wife of his master who accused him of raping her when she was unsuccessful in tempting him to bed. Joseph ended up in jail and so the story continue with him later interpreting Pharaoh’s dream and finally ended up as being the 2nd head person of the country… Joseph had big dream, but before his dreams came true, he had to endure a lot of hardships and sufferings. But eventually God did preserve him and the dream that God gave him was fulfilled. He later got reunited with his brothers too and he was very forgiving and did not bear any grudges on them. I love these words from Joseph, “And as for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present results, to preserve many people alive” Genesis 50:20. It was a happy ending for Joseph after all.

I have my own dreams too, like Joseph I endured many setbacks and failures before I can get to where am I now… The success that I’m referring to is not so much about being a high flyer, earning big bucks or suddenly getting my brains re-wired and became so smart that I can go to university to study, but is the way God has placed me in a position of ministry, where I can shine and be used by God to bring healing, encouragement and inspiration to others.

So what are you dreaming of today?

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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