Where were You God?

A reflective poem that is linked to my previous work – “My PAST” under Sad Poem. To read it, please visit my profile.

I looked to God in heaven one day with tears in my eyes
I have so many questions to asked Him, I wanted to know why
Where were you God, I asked Him when I suffered abuse as a child
Where were you hiding from me Lord, all these while?
Do you understand the pain I went through and know how much I’ve cried
Do you how much I struggled all these years with those pains I feel inside

Then God put His arms around me while gently wiping off my tears
He whispered so tenderly and reassuringly the following words to my ears

I was there beside you when you were beaten and you cried out in pain
I was there beside you even before you knew My name
I was there beside you when you thought that no one cared
I was there beside you when no one else was there
I saw all that you went through and I heard all your cries
And yes I do understand all the pain that you feel inside

God showed me the scars that were on His arms and feet
I hung there on the cross, refusing to come down not because I was weak
He told me about the cross and explained why He was there
He said because I love you and want to show you that I care
I understand what you went through because I have been through them before
But now that I’m here with you, my Child, all these can hurt you no more
I will never leave or forsake you – I will be with you till the end of time
You are my precious Child and you will forever be mine
All the years of pain, in My time I will take away
Just trust me Child, everything is going to be OK

Written by Michelle Yee

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle –
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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