True Identity


I looked into the mirror one day
But didn’t like what I saw
So I looked up to heaven and told God
” I don’t like myself anymore”

God looked at me puzzled then He seemed to say
“Why Child, I can’t find anything in you that’s wrong.
You were exactly how I created you to be,
Even before you were born.”

Then I stared at God and slowly began to cry
“But Father, I said
How could this possibly be,
How could you love an awful looking sinner like me?”

God smiled and took my hands, then wiped my tears and said
“Child I made you and I love you
And you mean the world to Me
And in my eyes, you’re the most beautiful person as far as I can see,

So it doesn’t really matter what you do or where in life you’ll eventually go
You are My precious Child and nothing else matters most
You will always be my beloved no matter what others may say
Don’t be afraid of who you are, take My hands, My precious child, and I will lead the way.”

So I looked back into the mirror once more
Pondering upon the words He said
Then I started to tell myself
“I’m not too bad after all.”

I therefore started looking into my heart
Suddenly I realized and saw
That a well that was once dried up within me
Has now become a waterfall

The love of God has came down
And touched my broken heart
And because of Christ love for me

Written by Michelle Yee

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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