The Race

The Race

Everyone is running in a race called life
There are many people competing with you all the time
Everyone’s trying to climb the ladder of success
Everyone keeps on running, there is just no rest

Sometimes it’s hard when people stab you on the back
But somehow we’ll all find a way to continue to stay on track
There are many obstacles that we face along the way
But God’s strength is always for us to see us through each day

Mistakes and failures are things we are bound to face
There is just no avoidance; it is all part of the game
Sometimes we get tired of running all the time
And we feel like someone has just moved the finishing line

We may be tempted to stop when we fall and start to cry
But we must tell ourselves to stay strong and give another try
Perseverance and faith is the key to keep us going o
God’s power and strength is what keeps us strong

God’s approval is what we all should seek
All our success and failures we lay them at His feet
Taking none of the glory for our selfish pride
Recognising success as gifts of grace and not our rights

One day we will all finish the race
Then we will all get to see Him face to face
To claim the victor’s crown that was prepared before time
But not until we finish running this race called life

Written By Michelle Yee

Serving with you in HIs Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle-
Beloved Daughter the Most High King


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