The Battle with Emotions

The battle with emotions

I felt like the enemy is coming back
And my emotions again are being attacked
Depression, fears and worries and more
Such feelings I want them out my door

I am taught that my feelings control me not
But it is by will that I fight with all that I’ve got
But sometimes it is not easy, I failed and failed again
It’s really hard to stand up when there is so much pain

Let it go, trust Me, be strong and walk on
These are the words I heard from God
Mistakes, regrets sure I have a few
But God promises that in Him all is made new

We should never listen to the lies we’ve been told
God has given us His power so we can be bold
To choose, to listen and follow the truth
Aligning our thoughts to Him, letting them be renewed

With the sword in one hand, and His shield by my side
I fight my enemy with all my might
Not by my own strength, but with God’s love and grace
To help me overcome the emotions that I face

Written by Michelle Yee


Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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