Lost and Found

Opposition, my childhood friend
Rejection has held me by the hands
Through all the years growing up in pain
Suffering from sorrows and so much shame

Who would have thought a person with a such a past
Is able to endure an environment that is so very harsh
I endured the physical and the emotional pain
Yet through it all, God’s love and faithfulness remains

I was lost and alone, wondering if any one cared
Than God’s love found me, than and there
Now I know who I am and I know who You are
You are my heavenly Father and I’m Your precious child

You mended and healed this broken soul
With Your love, You have made me whole
Out of darkness into Your glorious light
You called me now forever to your side

Now with You, I’m forever secured
The past has no power over me any more
God’s love has broken the chains that held me down
Now hope and joy is all I’m glad to know and have found

Written by Michelle

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love
Princess Michelle-
Beloved Daughter of the Most High King


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