A love letter from God

A love letter from God

Precious, precious Child of mine, created in my own sight
How painful it is for Me to see, you my dear child in this plight
Early in the morning at 6 you arise and off to work at 7 you go
You rushed through the morning hour and left without saying hello

I called you but you ignored and even refused to answer when I knocked on your door
For you, patiently I waited and silently I cared
But you acted and behaved as if I wasn’t there
I was ready to catch you anytime you might fall

I was waiting patiently, hoping that my Name you’ll eventually call
Sadly, you wouldn’t look up, you wouldn’t even pray
You were far too busy to spend time with me today
I know that you’re hurting and that you’re in pain

But it hurts My heart even more to see this is how you choose to remain
Still I will love you and still I will care
Still I will be waiting and still I will be there
Patiently I will wait until, My precious you come back

And until that day comes, know that I’m still your loving Dad
I’m your Father from up above, always looking down and ready to love
No matter how far you may try to run
Child, you can never escape My loving arms

Please come back My precious, here I will wait for you
Come back to your Abba Father, I will make all things brand new
The things of old shall no longer be, a new beginning in Me you shall see
Trust and see if My promise to you I shall not keep

So be bold, be strong, take My hands and get back up again on your feet!

Unmistakably, I feel God is speaking to me…. I was so awakened by the words, I thought I had to share it… It might not just be for me, but it is God’s heart and it could be anyone out there, who needs to hear God gently and lovingly calling them from wherever they are!

God bless you!

Serving with you in His Kingdom with love;
Princess Michelle-
Beloved Daughter the Most High King


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